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We specialise in the establishment and administration of trust structures for New Zealand and offshore based clients, frequently as an independent trustee.

Our professional team assists you in the structuring, creation and administration of trusts, preparation of wills and administration of estates. We protect your assets both during your lifetime and on your death. We have experience in creating and preparing the necessary structures that will meet your personal wishes and commercial circumstances.

The need for the formation of trusts has increased in the last 10 years and there are many myths and misconceptions concerning their effects and operation. However, they can provide vital protection in the correct circumstances.

Apart from using Trusts to plan your estate, an integral and essential part of any asset planning is a well drafted will, a document required by every person over the age of 18. You should regularly review and update your will and we can advise you in this respect.

You should also consider preparing enduring powers of attorney, both in relation to your property and your personal care and welfare. They are a very important part of sensible future planning for all of us, at any age.

We can assist you in the following areas:

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Property & Real Estate Law
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Commercial Law
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Trusts and Assets Planning
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Family and Relationship Property