NZGA Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

As part of our commitment to serving the Chinese community, Kevin Lo, the Principal of Mana Law has been involved in a number of community work. Since 2012, he has been appointed as the legal consultant of New Zealand Guangdong Association (NZGA).

NZGA aims is to promote the people of Guangdong origin for friendship and cooperation with the society in New Zealand, and to foster the relationship between government and the officials of Guangdong Province, China.

In celebration of the mid-autumn festive occasion, NZGA hosted their annual mid-autumn festival event on the 30th August 2014 at the Imperial Palace, Mt. Wellington, Auckland. Kevin was invited to participate as the MC of the event. The event was well-attended by all members of community in different cultures and background. More notable invitees of the event include Mr. Qingbao Niu, Consulate General of PR China in NZ; Mr. Len Brown, the Mayor of Super Auckland City; Melissa Lee, Secretary for Ethics Affairs and other Members of the Parliament.

At the event, NZGA President Fiona Yuen, QSM JP gave a remarkable speech sharing NZGA’s past year’s contributions and community work around the country. The event was hugely successful and the Guangdong community in NZ had a great night.

From left: Mr. Len Brown, the mayor of Auckland and Kevin

From left: Dr. Jian Yang, Member of Parliament and Kevin

From left: Kevin, Hon. Phil Goff and Mr. Raymond Huo, Members of Parliament

Kevin was discussing with Hon. Phil Goff about the upcoming election

Frequently Asked Questions when Purchasing Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions when Purchasing Real Estate

Counting the Days on the Agreement

Most house buyers enter into conditional agreements whereby the agreement is conditional upon a condition being satisfied on or before a certain date.    The buyers must be cautious when calculating the conditional date.

The current REINZ/ADLS Agreement includes a finance condition, if completed, which allows the purchaser to use reasonable effort to obtain finance as set out in the condition within a certain period agreed by both parties before proceeding to the completion of the purchase.

Usually the conditional date is set out within a specified period after a certain event
(e.g. 5 working days after the date of agreement) or a certain date (e.g. 7 February

If the finance condition is due within 5 working days after the date of the agreement, we must exclude all days which fall outside the definition of a working day when calculating the conditional date.

For example:
If the date of the agreement is on 3 February 2014, then the finance condition is due by 5pm on 11 February 2014 because 6 February 2014 (Waitangi Day), 8 February
2014 (Saturday) and 9 February 2014 (Sunday) are excluded.

If the finance condition is due on a specified date that is not a working day, then the conditional date is on the last working day before that specified date.

For example:
If the conditional date of the finance condition is set out on 6 February 2014 (Waitangi Day), then the finance condition is due by 5pm on 5 February 2014, being last working day before 6 February 2014; and

It is important for home buyers to communicate the outcome (satisfaction or otherwise) of the condition with the sellers before the conditional date, because the sellers are entitled to cancel the agreement if they do not receive notification on the outcome of the condition on or before the conditional date.

Often agreements are conditional upon different conditions being satisfied, if you have any questions regarding a prospective purchaser or sale of real estate property in New Zealand, please do not hesitate to contact us on 09 9488199 or by email

Merry Christmas

Our team in Mana Law wishes you a Merry Christmas and joyous New Year. Our office closes from 24 December 2013 and re-opens on 6 January 2014. Kevin Lo will be clearing emails and mobile messages on a daily basis

What does “Mana” mean?

The word “Mana” was taken from the Māori language, which means a person or organisation of people of great personal prestige, power and honour. It also represents an impersonal force of quality that resides in people. Mana influences the way people and groups behave, acting as a reference point for achievement and successes. In Maori culture, it is important for people to maintain their Mana to the highest degree.

At Mana Law, we aim to continue this spirit and enhance this value further. We strive to provide the best legal services based on these principles.